Your First Visit

I am dedicated to making your first visit comfortable and pleasant.

When you first visit:

I will invite you to share what has motivated you to seek therapy at this time. Some people come in with a lot to say, and I use that time to listen to their story, asking a few questions here and there to help me understand their perspective more thoroughly. Some people do not have a concrete sense of how they feel, or why. They only know that it feels bad and they would like it to change. So, don’t worry if you feel confused or inarticulate. I will guide you through the session and help you identify what you may be experiencing. I find that most people who are nervous in the beginning feel much more relaxed by the end of the session.

As we approach the end of the hour, I will review with you what I perceive to be the primary struggle(s) you have described, and I will check with you to make sure I have understood you correctly. Then I will let you know how I might be of help to you, and I will suggest how I believe we should proceed.

Some of the unique features I offer include:

Comfortable environment:

My office is not a doctor’s office or a therapy clinic. Rather, it is a place for personal and professional consultation, and it is designed with your comfort in mind.

Personal service:

You will not encounter a receptionist or office staff. All of your appointments are made directly with me, and I am the only person with whom you will come in contact.

Complete privacy:

I do not share my office with anyone. When you enter, you will be the only person in the waiting room. There is also a separate exit for enhanced privacy.

No paperwork:

I do not ask you to fill out paperwork before your appointment. I do not provide you with forms or questionnaires to complete. I prefer to learn about you through conversation.

Record-keeping discretion:

I have tremendous respect for the privacy of the therapist-patient/client relationship, and that respect is also reflected in my record-keeping protocol. Because I do not participate with insurance companies, I do not periodically complete and electronically transfer billing and diagnostic information about my patients to anyone. I also avoid web-based documentation programs because of the inherent privacy risks involved.

My Office

Lena Agree, psychotherapy room Birmingham, MI
Lena Agree, psychotherapy office Birmingham, MI
Lena Agree, psychologist office Birmingham, MI

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CallĀ 248-219-2548 or send me an email to see how I can help you.