About Me

I am a licensed clinical psychologist, and have been an attorney for over 20 years. In my full-time therapy practice, I help adults, adolescents and couples of all persuasions with the full spectrum of mental and emotional difficulties.

My formal training is in psychodynamic, humanistic-existential, and Mentalization-Based Therapy. I am the only certified practitioner of Mentalization-Based Treatment in Michigan for both adults and adolescents, and one of the only psychologists qualified to code for reflective functioning on both the Adult Attachment Interview and the Parent Development Interview.

Over the years I have combined Mentalization-Based and psychodynamic approaches in various ways to suit the specific needs of my patients. Through this unique perspective, I am able to identify the hidden patterns underlying negative experiences, and help individuals understand those patterns and ultimately modify them to reduce emotional pain and achieve personal goals. 

In addition, I have a deep understanding of borderline and other personality disorders, and treat many patients with features of these conditions. I am also therapist to adult children, partners and parents of individuals with personality disorders, who are suffering in these relationships.

I received my Masters and Doctorate degrees in clinical psychology from the Michigan School of Professional Psychology, where I was a National Honors Society candidate and the recipient of the Jill Benton Humanistic Psychology Scholarship.  I also hold a certification in personal coaching, which I incorporate into my practice in accordance with the needs of my clients. 

Psychology feels very much like a calling to me. I find helping people understand themselves and take control of their lives to be incredibly exciting, and I look forward to it every day. Please see my personal CV for more information about my background and training.

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